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Engineering the future

This is a little play on words because I have just been reading a recent piece in the Daily Telegraph about how to attract and retain women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers.  The retention rate for STEM careers in women is 25% but 40% for men – businesses should be asking themselves why this is. It seems careless to have such a high attrition rate when it is hard to attract girls into careers that traditionally have been seen as a male domain.

Perhaps a little controversially, I think us women have to be very aware of any unconscious role modelling as to what is a male v female ‘job’.  As part of her election campaign Theresa May and her husband appeared on a primetime TV chat show and talked about girl and boy jobs around the home. Why is taking out the bins a boy job – is it because it could be a bit smelly and grimy and we women don’t like to get our hands dirty?! What else do we do that could be insidiously be influencing the young girls and women around us ?

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Yvonne Lumley is a Partner at Attain Development and an experienced coach, consultant and mentor.

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