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Are we being hypersensitive?

Last week I found myself getting annoyed by the Tweets of a high profile female leader who comments on the role of women in society. She was complaining about the lack of a mention of our Women’s 4 x 100 relay team who apparently didn’t get a mention for a whole 5 minutes in a news item about that evening’s World Championships after winning a silver medal. Of course they did well but our men’s team got a gold medal and global superstar Usain Bolt crashed out of the race – both legitimate mentions before our women’s team in my opinion.

I feel that we need to be careful and not get hysterical about every perceived slight on the role and position of women in the press and elsewhere – a sure fire way to become annoying, turn off readers and lessen the impact of relevant commentary.

On a more positive note, the coverage of women’s sport has improved out of sight in the last 12 months. A long way from when Judy Murray was selected to join a Performance Coaching course and one of the rejected applicants (a man) wrote in and complained because she was a mother with young children and what could she possibly contribute!

Yvonne Lumley is a Partner at Attain Development and an experienced coach, consultant and mentor.

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